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When Flexibility Meets Agility

Take the liberty to focus on your strategy.
Be quick and agile in serving your clients.

Avaloq enables financial institutions to expand into new customer segments and new countries. It opens doors for the creation of new products in no time. Avaloq helps customers to remain flexible by offering the full range of in-house or outsourced operating models. Our BPO centres use the Avaloq Banking Suite to carry out back-office operations. Avaloq is the only independent provider for the financial industry to both develop and operate its own software. This is how we gain valuable insights that keep our solution at the forefront of technology. And word about the advantages gets around: in the last three years, the number of our BPO customers has multiplied by six.

Based on the Avaloq Banking Suite, our customers achieved:

  • Full strategic flexibility without technological restrictions
  • Simplified organisation
  • Product implementation time reduced from nine months to nine weeks. Read more
  • Significant enhancement of efficiency and quality
  • Doubled STP rates
  • Automation of back-office processes, substantial reduction of paper forms
The basis for future growth and the introduction of new, innovative business processes is now in place.

Felix Buschor, Head of Service Centre, St. Galler Kantonalbank