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Wealth Management

Leading solutions in wealth management to take the risk out of change.

An Industry in Transformation
More demanding clients, digital transformation, regulatory changes, internationalisation and growing competition are increasing overall costs of operations and hitting profit margins. As a result of the challenges facing the industry, traditional business models are being forced to transform.

Avaloq Wealth Management Solutions
Taking the Risk out of Change
Avaloq takes the risk out of change by providing innovative solutions that support the financial services industry through transformation so they can grow and compete. This is achieved by industrialising back office operations; differentiating on client-facing activities and core wealth management competency.

Avaloq Solution Benefits for Wealth Management:

  • Reduce cost to income by 10 pp and IT and back office running costs by 50%
  • Maximise STP rates close to 100%
  • Industrialise back office operations and differentiate on client-facing activities
  • Reduce risk with award winning and global sales leading wealth management solutions
  • Build a competitive advantage and the platform for higher profits and future growth

Solution Offerings:

  • Client Digital Channel solutions provide a personalised client experience and increase the level of service offered to wealthy individuals.
  • CRM and Advisory solutions offer tools for relationship managers and investment advisors to support their daily work activities.
  • Compliance and Regulation solutions automate the application of compliance rules and regulations.
  • Core Banking Operations cover the foundation for transaction processing and execution, cash management and book keeping of accounts and positions with the computation and booking of interests, costs and fees.
  • Investment Management solutions offer advanced tools for portfolio and asset managers, independent wealth managers or custodians to effectively manage and process a large range of investment products.
  • Risk and Bank Management solutions help manage and optimise revenues, costs and risk across the organisation.

How We Offer Our Solutions
We provide our solutions either on-premises or with a range of flexible outsourcing options including application service provision (ASP), Software as a Service (SaaS) and/or with business process outsourcing (BPO).